Fiesta scoops award

The drivers may be enticed to start looking for car insurance quotes for “Ford Fiesta” after this model picked up another award. This car was also granted with the award of “Best Car of the Year” at Fleet World Honors.

Ross Durkin, Managing director said “all the winners of year 2009 should be proud of their achievements, especially in view of the tough economic conditions”.

The model also received particular praise as consequences of its green credential. Judges also pointed out that the emission of carbon dioxide is about 98 g/km which is actually lowest among the lowest of all cars of Fiesta presently in the market.

According to George Emmerson, the chairman of the panel, “The New Ford Fiesta is worthy winner in a fiercely competitive sector.

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In other news today the UK car scrappage scheme was thriving, generating fresh new business for car manufacturers around the world.