Extended Vandalism cover in the policies for over-50

If you are more than 50 years of age and are fearful that your car may suffer due to vandalism, put your fears aside. Saga, which is a specialist car insurance provider, has decided that every policy will have an extended vandalism cover without affecting the no claim discounts. Elderly can now find the insurance on the car insurance comparison sites.

Saga is a company that specializes in car insurance cover for people who are over the age of 50, has given a chance to the elderly to take a sigh of relief by offering this policy. People who have a policy with Saga will now have their car insurance policy to cover vandalism incidents.

According to a research that was carried out by the British Crime Survey has brought out the fact that almost 33% of the elderly people in UK are worried about incidents of vandalism. They have a fear that their car may get damaged due to any such incident as the number of vandalism incidents in the country was around 1.7 million, which is a big figure. If you have a car insurance with Saga, you need to know that even when you get a payout for damage that has been done to your car by someone else, your no claims discount will not be affected.

The company has decided to pay for the slashed tyres and graffiti without deducting the amount of no claims discount. The smaller damages like smashed mirrors and scratches also come under the policy cover. The executive chairman of the insurance company was of the view that it is a distressing event for a person to be victim of vandalism and if people are penalized for the same by deducting h no claims discount, it would be unfair.

Saga won a good number of awards and this is why the insurance takers can be sure of the quality of services that they will get. The chairman added that they wish to serve their customers in a better manner and this is one of the reasons for bringing this extension to the policies.

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