Excess insurance on hired cars unnecessary

A research conducted by a leading insurance specialist company has given startling results. According to this research, millions of pounds are being wastefully spent by British holiday goers who purchase inflated insurance policies from vehicle rental companies. It is also revealed by this research that British drivers in Europe spend a lot of money for making sure that the cars or other vehicles hired have been covered under the policy for damage. This has resulted in a waste of the expenditure made.
Car insurance comparison sites offer various covers for hired or rented cars to holiday goers to European nations. The drivers, however, want to minimize their risks for which they are ready to pay excessive amounts on motor insurance. According to this survey, almost 45 per cent of rental car drivers are willing to buy excessive insurance covers for the vehicles to enjoy an added level of protection during their vacation. The company that conducted this survey also claims that by opting for adequate insurance covers, the drivers could have saved around £50 every week on their vehicle rental insurance.
The chief executive of the company said that a lot of vehicle rental companies waited until the drivers came to collect the hired vehicles and then mentioned the varieties of risks involved if one does not cover the hired vehicle with extensive cover during the foreign vacation. By this time, the driver does not want to take any risk and opts for the extra cover in addition to the rental amount.
He also said that some companies do not cover the most vulnerable vehicle parts in the insurance policy. He suggested the holiday makers to go for an advanced booking for hiring a vehicle so that they have adequate time to examine and inspect about the various issues involved. Many car insurance comparison sites are helpful for this informed choice.
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