Emphasis on Car Insurance Cover

According to a new survey, the UK motorists might be thankful to their car insurance provider for the insurance cover that protects them in emergency.

After the survey of 40,000 vehicles one-third were found to be failed to use indicators, which misguide the other drivers. While taking any turn on a junction most of the drivers do not bother to give any kind of signals and indicators to intimate the drivers in rear and front. Such sudden turns on junction cause accidents most of the times and in such condition your insurance cover comes as rescue.

One in ten UK motorists is found to be driving too fast making it unsafe for not only himself but also for other road users. The over speeding of car results in loss of control of the driver over it and one can meet with an accident anytime. The car owner with an accident insurance cover might feel safe or else you will have to bear the hefty damage charges by yourself.

The data collected by AA indicates that one in 20 drivers still not wear seatbelt during travelling. The people still not perceive seatbelt law as major safety device, which can prevent the serious injuries to the passengers in the car in event of any accident. The collision with fewer damages will need low insurance cover and you can save on claim amount. Around 5% of the drivers who do not wear the seatbelt end up in road death.

Around 3.6% of the drivers use faulty brake lights, which do not send right braking signals to other cars. The faulty brake lights make it difficult for the driver to stop in between as it poses danger to the other road users. It is wise to buy a suitable insurance cover through car insurance comparison site to remain protected in any kind of emergency.

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