Electric Cars Ignored By Insurance Companies

The car owner of the electric car finds it difficult to get a simple quote of car insurance from the provider. The motorists can checkout car insurance comparison site to get reasonable quotes for their electric car.

According to a survey, out of 10 large insurance companies, only 4 offer cover for electric cars. Whether you check online or do telephonic enquiry but you will not get any quotes for your electric cars from most of the companies. The big insurance companies usually ignore the electric or environment friendly cars and do not offer good deal over them.

The insurance provider not even offers the policy form relevant to the electric car insurance, as all their forms have entries for diesel and petrol powered vehicles not electric cars. The engine size requested by the insurers is also in liter whereas the electric car engine cannot be measured in liters.

According to a report, the electric car owner gets less service even after getting the car insured. Even after insurance, the electric car owner has to bear shocking exorbitant cost for repair in case of accident. The repair cost for the electric car is high even after insurance, so it resists the electric car owner to continue its acquisition. The hike in fuel prices has pushed the car owners to see more economical cars or opt for public transport.

The owners prefer the electric cars due to their alternative fuel usage and environment friendliness. The electric cars are now more seen on roads so the insurers must also step in the field of electric car insurance. With time and popularity of electric cars, the premium for it will start coming down. The low premium and cheap fuel make the electric car the car of future.

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