Effective Police Action Forces To Get Car Insurance

The new law of getting your car insured has not only awakened the consumers but also the police. The consumers have started searching good and affordable insurance policy for their vehicle at car insurance comparison site. The car whether in use or standing in garage is now being insured as the new laws make it compulsory to get the vehicles insured or declare them off road.

The police have also started stopping a number of motorists without any license and insurance. But the action of police is dependent on the number plate recognition technology as the system sometimes misread the number plates of certain vehicles and the police also stop them due to mistaken identity. The police use the technology to catch the motorists who are driving their car without having license and insurance. The police checks will bother them and force them to get their car registered and insured.

Nowadays, there has been rise in the number of vehicles being pulled out by the authorities due to mistaken identity. The car is mistakenly identified as uninsured vehicle or without the license due to which AA is also receiving many calls every week from the police for confirming the registration of car with them. AA receives more than 20 calls every week to know the car registration status.

This step of police has been welcomed as it will encourage the genuinely uninsured drivers to be insured immediately and the ones who are stubborn enough not to bother the new laws will be caught by the police. The effective new step by the police might be bothering some of the insured drivers also but it will decrease the number of cars running uninsured on the road and the road as well as driving will become safer.

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