Effect of Comprehensive Spending Review on British drivers

The rising insurance premium is already causing problem to the car owners and the deteriorating UK road conditions further add to the damage of the car. The car either meets with an accident or gets damaged severely due to heavy traffic on road but now the road renovations will minimise such incidents.

The changes in the UK roads will definitely influence the British motorists so the car owners eagerly await the upcoming projects. The spending initiatives of different transport projects will be used to improve used roads of UK.

According to the transport secretary, the new reviews will not only reduce carbon emissions but also economic growth. The secured government investment includes road building programme as well as public transport project and you can have support for ultra low carbon cars. The country’s local as well as national road networks have been allocated good budget amount in different areas across the country.

The ring roads have been proposed to be widened which will help in combating the heavy traffic congestion problem especially during the peak hours. Even the private sector has been encouraged to finance the British highway network, which will directly influence safe driving on roads.

The motorists are encouraged by the government to use low carbon vehicles as well as electric vehicles that are not only environment friendly but also cost efficient. The government had announced special grant for the environment friendly vehicle purchase and further comparable insurance quotes on these cars encourage the motorists to buy the electric cars. You can check reasonable insurance quotes at car insurance comparison site.

The Institutes for Advanced Motorists has suggested budget allocation to training programme and better education so that the drivers know well about the traffic rules and gain experience from training sessions. You can become safer driver by joining the training classes and reading the traffic rulebook.

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