Eco friendly car insurance

European motorists are seeking to get their way over other motorists by witching fuel efficient electrical powered cars, Kangoo Express ZE and Fluence ZE that will be on for sale from 2011. Attraction of purchasing these cars is that they are green option and status enhancing at the same time. Interested parties need to order these cars at Renaults website. Kangoo Express ZEis identically based on its petrol-powered cousin with the same vehicle capacity but with health option for environment, making it viable for individuals and businesses.

These electric vehicles can move upto 100 miles before needing a recharge of battery. It also has the ability to get charged overnight. Meanwhile there is also an option of changing the batteries as aptly names rapid exchange station and it is predicted this change will take up the same in period as for fuelling normal tank.

A lot of drivers in UK are already using green car options. Some of the carbon neutral insurers donate some portion of their premiums in the eco charity while giving the drivers an option to offset carbon emissions of the vehicle. This also be used in funding various towards a greener planet.

If you are planning to buy these vehicles or any other eco friendly car then you can get a range of chap options online. Check out car insurance comparison sites where you will find many insurance companies offering affordable and suitable green car covers. In order to promote a greener environment, many companies also offer additional rebates to the drivers that go for green cars. So if you are buying a electrically powered vehicle then you can look forward to great discounts of your insurance. Comparison sites have made car insurance shopping easy and simple for the drivers from different parts of the world. Buy an eco friendly car and enjoy healthy planet and cheaper car insurance too.

Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.