Drug driving affecting car insurance rates

Car insurance clients will be concerned to find out that problem of drug driving is more than it has been estimated. According to road safety campaign that was recently held any the group brakes, claims that the conviction rates for the drug driving that are shockingly low and the group also took police aid for enforcing law.

Charity suggests that the problem of drug driving is more than that of alcohol driving but the figures that are shown by Ministry of Justice in Wales and England was 1,593 against 70,918 for the drink drivers. The group also demanded drug checking kits so that government can check drug abuse simply and easily even by the roadside. Brake is appealing government to change the law so that illegal drug driver is minimized. There have been so many accidents due to drug driving in the past which still continues.

Not only the road safety is hindered due to this but car insurance premiums are also affected. There have been increase car insurance premiums because of increased number of drug driving. So drivers should take care and should not drive under the influence of drugs because it is not only putting so many lives at stake but also leads to straining their budget. For low car insurance premiums, make sure that you do not drive under influence of drugs.

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