Driving Offences Up Your Insurance Premium

Motorist who have received penalty points on their driving license are bound to pay a higher insurance premium than their counterparts. Confused.com, a leader among the car insurance comparison sites states that if you are known to your insurance company as a high-risk driver you are likely to receive only the high-end insurance prices. The head of the motor insurance company believes that incidents such as that of over speeding, driving without insurance cover, as well as other driving offences such as that of drinking and driving are capable of bringing a high insurance premium. When you are driving at 120 km/hr in the city, you are not only risking your life but also the lives of the other drivers and pedestrians.
Over speeding is one among the most crucial offences that could add penalty points to your insurance premium. The insurance cost of a driver who stays within the defined limit is lesser than that of a person who has been fined for going over the speed limit. While it is tempting to reach the destination a tad early, one cannot deny that the implications that come with it are far greater than the thrill. The company believes that statistics show that a speed penalty on your driving license can make your insurance premium up by as much as 27% which means that not only will you have to deal with the growing insurance costs; you will also have to pay for the personal offences that you have committed.

A number of car insurance comparison sites have popped up during the last few years and it does become important to know that you are selecting the right cover for your car. It is essential that you ensure that your license is devoid of any speed penalties as well as offences if you wish to get a lower insurance premium.

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