Drivers warned over consumption of caffeine drinks

You must have heard of the regulation that warns the people against drunken driving. Under the law it is not permitted to drink and drive and if you are found guilty, you will have to pay penalties as well. There is a new regulation that warns drivers against the consumption of caffeine. You need to know that consuming high energy drinks can end up into losses for a person. The high energy drinks are considered dangerous and you may face accidents due to them. Accidents would automatically mean that you will have to pay higher premiums for your car insurance. You would not want to come across severe accidents and increase your car insurance premium. if your car insurance policy has such a provision that the rate will increase with car accidents, may be it is time you find a new policy from car insurance comparison sites.

You will not be able to get the no-claims bonus if you come across an accident. These drinks are being considered as dangerous as they can cause intoxication similar as alcohol. Just like alcohol, the caffeine drinks too can lead to some serious accidents. The accidents are caused due to lack of concentration and slower reaction. While driving a person has to be alert and drinking caffeine rich drinks will cause you to lose concentration. There are a few symptoms of caffeine intoxication such as nervousness, increased heartbeat, irritability, rambling speech and muscle twitching.

You may find energy drinks to be good enough to give you a kick and keep going throughout the day but you also need to know the effects it can have on you. You should not have an overdose and should not substitute the regular drinks for them. The effect produced by these drinks in the couple of hours is not the same and this is why you cannot have it more than once. It is advised that people should stop while on overnight trips to avoid car accidents.

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