Drivers must check tyre pressure

It has been suggested that the motorists heading to the continent this summer for a driving holiday may want to check their tyre pressure before leaving if they want to avoid a claim from car insurance comparison sites. ATS Euromaster reminded drivers the amount of air they need to use depends on how heavy their load is.

It warned if people fail to take this into account, handling could be negatively affected and stopping distances could increase. Group operations director Chris Hufflett stated some people do not realize there are two different tyre pressure levels- one for a normal road and one for the cars carrying additional weight.

Mr. Hufflett added that “It’s a simple five minute job, but from our experience, majority of drivers don’t bother”.

Before leaving the country, motorists may also want to check whether their car European car insurance cover is comprehensive or the third party and get car insurance quotes if the insurance is about to expire.

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