Drivers Born Outside Britain Charged More Insurance Premiums

The drivers born out of UK are paying heavy premium prices due to their birth location. The insurer is charging the motorists differently if they are born out of the country. The insurer finds the credibility of the drivers born out of country suspicious, as the nature and skills of driving are presumed to be different for the motorists born out of the country.

The insurance provider believes that the people who are not born in Britain have no complete idea of the laws and regulations of the country. The chances of them being indulged in any kind of accident or cause damage to the vehicle are more. So, the premium charges for the motorists born out of UK are more to offer extra cover due to more probability of causing the damage.

The car insurer adds around 18% to the car insurance premium to the car insurance policy of drivers not born in UK. The hike in the insurance premium due to birth is not understandable, as now the birth of a person does not affect any work globally.

The car insurance owners are still paying high premium to the insurer due to their birth but if you check car insurance comparison site, now not many providers discriminate on premium charges due to birth.

The consumer body has also condemned this shameful practice of discriminating the customers due to race, colour or religion. The discrimination of customers based on birth has been outlawed for decades but still some companies are following it, which is completely outrageous.

The discrimination on premium charges must be due to driving skills and history but not due to color racism. The people born out of Britain has already suffered a lot due to the racism so any more such kind of discrimination is condemned by social organisations.

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