Don’t Risk Having Your Claim Rejected

Unfortunately, there are quite a large number of claims made by motorists on their car insurance policies that are rejected for a number of reasons. So, let’s have a look at some of those reasons as they can be avoided.

It is important that you provide correct information to your motor insurance company when applying for cover

Don’t put yourself in the position of your car insurance provider rejecting a claim should you be involved in a road traffic accident.

For instance, when you apply for car insurance, you are asked to estimate the number of miles that you are likely to travel in a year. If you state that you will only do say 5,000 miles per annum and you actually know that you are going to be travelling say 30,000 miles then, in the event of a claim, your claim may be rejected by the insurance company.

If you state that you are only going to use your car for social, domestic, pleasure and commuting purposes but also use the car to commute to more than one place of work or for certain business use then, should you be involved in a road traffic accident and claim on your motor insurance policy, it is quite possible that your claim may be rejected.

If you change your occupation from that stated on the car insurance proposal form then you should inform the insurer as what you do for a living may affect the premium that you will be expected to pay as people in some occupations are deemed to be at greater risk of being involved in a road traffic accident.

If you were involved in a road traffic accident and following an inspection of your car it was deemed that your car had not been maintained satisfactorily then your claim may be rejected. For instance, if your brakes were not working correctly because your brake pads were badly worn this may impact on your claim.

If someone else drives your car that is ineligible to do so and is involved in a road traffic accident then your claim will no doubt be rejected.

What is the point in risking the possibility of your car insurance claim being rejected by doing one of the above things or anything else that may impact on your insurance claim especially as you would have paid all those premiums.