Does Your Car Insurance Cover Hackers?

In the month of February, hundreds of people found their cars honking uncontrollably and were shocked to see that. Most of the people were surprised to find out that their cars were not functioning properly. Police have found a person named Omar who used to hack into the ‘no start’ systems of the cars. The people are shocked by this news and want to know from the car insurance companies whether they cover car hacking under the policy or not. Customers were complaining to the auto center and asking about the problem their cars were facing.

Some people had to remove the battery of the car to stop the horn from blaring. When there were more than hundred calls, the companies came into action as they thought that there would be something more than just a normal problem. This was the time when they came to know about the problem and the man was caught. Some of the people had to miss their work due to the malfunctioning of the car. This is a new worry in the minds of the insurance owners. The cars today have sophisticated systems and thus they need proper protection.

The companies have installed no start systems in the cars thinking that they will not be cracked into but the hackers have found a way to crack into that as well. If your policy does not support hackers, it is time for you to get a new policy from the car insurance comparison sites. If the policy that you have can include the hackers in it, you should ask the company to amend the policy so that you can benefit.

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