Do You Need Car Insurance?

This may seem a strange question but, nevertheless, it is one that does sometimes crop up. So, do you need car insurance?

The answer is that, unless your car is kept off the public road network and has been declared SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification), then by law you must insure your car. After all, even if it were not a legal requirement, surely it would make sense to arrange car insurance in case the unfortunate happens such as being involved in a car accident or it being stolen.

surely you wouldn't drive your car without car insurance?

Can you imagine how much it would cost to repair this damage?

Whilst you may be in the fortunate position to have the savings available to cover the cost of any repairs or even buy a replacement vehicle there are very few people that have the funds to cover the cost of third party claims from people that, for instance, may have suffered a serious injury due to your negligent driving – this figure could run into millions.

As a minimum, you must take out third party car insurance that will provide cover for any damage done to other vehicles, other people and other property. However, third party cover will not pay out for any damage to your own car or to yourself.

Another type of car insurance is third party fire and theft that, in addition to what is covered under third party, would cover your car if it were written off, lost or damaged due to being stolen or involved in a fire.

The other type of car insurance is fully comprehensive cover that will provide everything that is covered under the previously two mentioned options plus will also cover your own car should it be involved in an accident even if it is your fault.

So, having established that most car owners need car insurance, how do you go about arranging it? Well, you can for instance, contact an insurance broker, your bank, telephone an insurance company or use a car insurance price comparison website. In the later case, this usually provides you with immediate access to a range of car insurance providers 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home. You can obtain various quotations and policy details to peruse and, once you have made a decision, can often go on risk straight away.

So, why not obtain some quotations whilst on our website – you may be able to save some money.