Do You Know Your Car Insurance Group?

Understanding your car insurance begins with knowing the insurance group to which your car belongs. Most of the UK drivers are not aware of their car insurance group. Car insurance comparison sites can be used to determine the car insurance group of the car.

At the time of the manufacture, a car is provided with a number from the insurance group. These numbers range from 1-20. A Fiat Panda would fall under group one while a Porsche or a sports car would fall under the group 20. When you are seeking insurance for your car, the insurance company assures the risk involved in the car and its parts. The credit history of the driver, the area of driving, previous accidents and convictions are taken into consideration while considering the grant of insurance to a car. The insurance group in which your car falls is a huge factor.

If you are driving a car that falls in the group one of the insurance group, your insurance cost will be less in relative to driving an expensive sports car. The cars are placed into insurance groups depending on their risk factor and level of performance. A faster car will have higher insurance cost being under the high insurance group. The risk factors involve the risk of theft, safety during accidents and other major risks.

At times, cars with the same engine or motor size can vary in their groupings. One might be put in the high insurance group due to the high risk of theft and inadequate safety in case of accidents. Insurance companies might demand a high excess from cars in the high groups as well as convertible cars. Cars in the high group often have high security features such as Category 1 and 2 immobilizers that can reduce the insurance cost.

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