Do Not Let Car Insurance Myths to Affect You

Motor insurance premiums are climbing high at a fastest rate according to a leading car insurance company in UK. A typical comprehensive cover’s monthly premium is about £704, increased by a whooping 30.9 per cent over past one year. It is working as a torchbearer for more people driving on the roads without an insurance policy of the vehicle. Uninsured drivers are exposing themselves to a great risk, such as hefty fine, penalty points on the driving license, recovery charges for the seized vehicles and /or even imprisonment in some cases.

Some industry experts believe that people often fail to get insurance cover on their policies under the influence of some floating motor insurance myths. Some myths may be plausible while some are simply rubbish. Following are the most common myths people believe and come out on the roads behind the wheel without any insurance cover at all.

Red cars are expensive to insure
Many motorists believe that car insurance comparison sites and many insurers automatically find a link between youth, aggressive driving and red vehicles. People expect this reason as one of the factors in soaring premiums. In fact, there are no statistical evidences to confirm such a reason.

My policy covers me if my vehicle is vandalised or stolen
Your policy will cover such an incidence only if you have a fully comprehensive policy. Some third party fire and theft policies may cover a subsequent part of such incidences but not completely. The small printed words of the policy must be studied for the details of the extent of coverage.

I was not charged by the police, my no-claims will be unaffected
This might not always be true. The insurer has the final verdict about your no-claims discount. The insurance company may even record your accident for your rating.

I have a comprehensive cover, anybody can drive my vehicle
Insurance policies cover only the driver, so if anybody wants to drive your car must have a valid insurance policy on their name.

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