Displayed personal items increases insurance premium for women

According to a female insurer, the female drivers are putting themselves on risk of theft by displaying personal items in the car. This unnecessary risk taken by the female expose their vehicle to thieves and increases the chances of stealing.

Around three fifth of the women drivers seek their vehicle as home extension so place their house items in car. More than eight tenth of the women admit that they leave shoes and clothes in their cars.

These female drivers’ activities are due to their after work activities. Many women after office have to rush to some party so put make up items and other necessary things in the car to reach the destination directly from office without going home.

Some women place leisure activities items in the car like books to read them in leisure time at any coffee shop after work. The displayed items allure the thieves for stealing and take away the car. The female drivers can get effective car insurance policy to cover the risk of theft and insuring the vehicle with car insurance comparison site.

Women might face an accident due to these items. Any of shoe or book can stuck in the pedal whether racing or using brake making it impossible for you to control the car or might leading to collision.

According to a survey by the insurer, about one tenth of the women involved in accident have admitted this to be the reason of their accident. After the accident, these rolling items in the car can further injure you.

It is advisable to the women drivers that if they need to have some personal items in the car must not leave them on display to lessen the risk of theft or accident. You can use a big bag to put these items comfortably in it rather than putting these items cluttered in your car.

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