Discounts for married couples- Check out car insurance comparison sites

A wedding costs you a lot and after you get married the financial situation trembles. However, if you are getting married, there is something good that is bound to happen. According to one of the leading car insurance comparison sites and insurance providers,, if a person adds up his spouse to the insurance policy, he will get attractive discount. The amount of the car insurance policy would be 20% less than what the singles pay. This is a good way to save money if both the people in the civil partnership drive a car.

If both the members are male, the premium would be a bit high as male drivers are considered to be riskier. If a female driver puts her male counterpart in the policy will be less. It is possible that both the members in the civil partnership are females. In this case, the premiums would go down even further. A research shows that married couples drive safely. Even if the couple is not hitched and are engaged in a relationship, they can still benefit from this. The savings in this particular type of case would be less as the relationship is not legally recognized.

Many of the people are not aware that they can get such a policy and benefit from it as well. The same sex couples in a relationship will also be eligible to get these discounts and the systems have been designed in order to make place for partners of any sex. The savings would vary from person to person and would also depend upon the type of car, driving history and previous claims. Even if one of the spouses is not a safe driver, the other would have to face the brunt and may end up lessening their premium. these savings may not account for much in a particular year but if you see a bigger picture and include the future year savings, you would see that it totals up to a substantial amount.

Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.