Crashed cars tend to increase car insurance costs

One of the leading car insurance providers of UK, Swiftcover insurance recently reported an increase in the crashed cars returning back on roads. The number of such cars has risen by almost 10%, resulting to an addition of 100,000 more cars on the UK roads. DVLA figures of some previous years stated that a high number of written-off cars were allowed to return on the roads after clearing strict safety parameters.

At the same time, Swiftcover also suggests that most of such cars may not be properly covered under car insurance policies of UK. Very often, people purchase used cars without knowing about its complete past details. If this car is written-off, then they may face severe consequences at the time of buying a car insurance policy. Owners of such cars will be unaware to the fact that these cars are written-off, until they encounter the same bitter truth at the car insurance office. The worst part is that most of the insurance providers will be uncertain to cover the full market worth for the car, especially, that car which has been through serious road accidents. Getting insurance in such circumstances is a tough job as many car insurance agencies straight away deny to provide the insurance cover for unsafe car drivers.
In extreme cases, you can always get information from car insurance comparison sites.

Generally, cars with category A or category B damage are instantly written-off by the insurance brokers. However, written-off cars under category C damage are still legal to return on roads, provided these cars undergone repairs and cleared safety and health checks. As a golden car insurance rule, it is advisable to stay away from written-off cars. After all, nobody would like to get involved in a risky car insurance policy. So one must always research and explore all the alternatives before purchasing cars as well as insurance covers.

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