Concentration on Roads Can Prevent High Insurance Premiums

According to a recent survey, men are more likely to crash down due to distraction as compared to their female counterparts. The male motorists get easily distracted during driving thus twice more likely to indulge in an accident than women motorists drive. A survey found 11% of men crashed out due to distraction while just 5% of women motorists are distracted and face an accident.

Even the near miss accidents are more with male motorists with 30% while only 20% of female motorists have had near miss due to distraction. The usual distraction cited were eating, drinking and adjusting car stereo while driving. Some of the drivers confessed to get distracted while map reading or talking on mobile without hands free.

Some unusual distraction modes are quoted from the drivers that include book reading, applying make-up, kissing, swatting insects and even shaving. The texting while driving is the major dangerous driving behaviour acknowledged by 96% of the surveyed drivers. 20% of the drivers admitted indulging in this risky behaviour.

Most of the drivers show anger against the drivers behaving unsafely but most of them themselves are indulged in such activities. Many motorists understand the risk of taking the eyes off from the road but still 75% of the motorists most often indulge in distracted activities that might cause accidents.

While driving, concentration on road is imperative irrespective of the importance of the task you want to complete while driving. The drivers with record of many accidents in his kitty find it difficult to get an insurance claim. Even the car insurance comparison site quotes expensive car insurance quotes to motorists found driving carelessly.

It is better to remain concentrated on road and stop if something urgent needed to be done instead of distracted driving which might lead to an accident and thus high insurance premium.

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