Collectible Car Insurance Policy for Car Freaks

Often certain car enthusiasts have passion for collectible cars. These cars are a good investment and a great form of treasure. At the same time, the collectible cars are expensive when it comes to repair work. Therefore, it is necessary to protect these cars with collector car insurance.

A regular car insurance company will not provide the required benefits of a collector car insurance. Car insurers providing this benefit lay down some of the prerequisites of enjoying this policy. The three most important factors are the age of the car, the driving record of the driver and the miles driven. Insurers also demand that the collector car owners park their car in garages when it is not being driven.

The mileage limitations of the collector car vary from one insurance company to another. Most set a yearly limit of 5000 miles while others permit more miles. The collector car insurance policy does not allow the owner to use the car for commercial or commuting purposes.

Most insurance companies have set the age of the collector car to a limit of 15 while others have set it at 25 years. This limit may extend to 35 years under special circumstances. The minimum age of the owner to get the benefit of the collector car policy is 25 years with driving experience of minimum nine years. The insurers demand a clean driving record of the drivers.

Once you get pass the requirements, you are permitted to set the value of your car unlike in regular insurance policies. The amount that you decide and your agent agrees upon will be the amount of replacement of the car if it is a total loss.

Check out the car insurance comparison sites to know more about collector car insurance and understand how a collector car insurance policy will give you maximum benefit and protection to your collector car in case of any theft or accident of the car.

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