Classic car insurance

If you go to any car insurance comparison website, you will see that many car insurance companies are not in the business of restoration, although they have specific policies for classic cars. Despite this fact, many try to convince the adjusters that the accident has caused damage which was pre-existing because of an earlier accident, shoddy restoration work or simply age.

This can cause the car insurance company to start questing what damage was caused by the accident and what was pre-existing. In the end, one may only end up with a minimal repair which may not even fix the damage properly. The car insurance company may even refuse to repair if the car’s pre accident condition is very bad.

The reason why the car insurance companies and car insurance comparison websites are so picky about insuring classic cars is because poor restoration work can make a car very susceptible to extra damage in an accident than modern cars. Many appraisals are dependent on how shiny the car is and how much it resembles its original condition. This is a major mistake on the part of the car insurance company as the amount of damage a car receives in an accident depends a lot on the structural integrity of the car rather than the paint job.

If you have an old car, ensure that you understand its condition. Also, take as many pictures as possible and get an accurate appraisal so that you have proof of the cars pre-accident condition. It is best to work with the adjuster and get the best repair possible and do not ask for repairs on things that are not part of the damage.

Keep in mind that your beloved classic can be written off by the insurance company if they feel that the damage caused by the accident outstrips the value of the car and that decision can be easily influenced by how difficult or easy you are to work with.