Claiming the damage out of misfueling the vehicle

website-33The BIBA (British Insurance Brokers’ Association) has warned that the act of misfueling by car owners involves risk costing upto £5,000 for repairs and this is not covered by almost one third of the insurance policies. People often refuel their diesel vehicles with unleaded fuel. BIBA suggests the consumers to go through car insurance comparison sites and opt for an insurance company that protects against such instances also. It also advises that motorists who have misfueled their vehicles should not start them at that time and immediately inform the refueling station.

An insurance broker at BIBA said that such instances of misfueling occurs generally on Monday mornings or Friday evenings when the drivers are preoccupied with their thoughts. He also said that if the driver is found innocent, this will be considered as damage due to accident and will be covered in a comprehensive car insurance policy. If it is a third party policy, or contains fire and theft clauses or excludes the clause of misfueling, then the driver is not liable to claim for the damage to his vehicle.

Many insurance companies do not separately mention this misfueling clause but they include it in the list of excluding items. The companies will reject these misfueling claims resulting in an expensive ERROR done by the driver. Some of the companies who cover such claims put them under the main head of ‘accidental damage’. Some companies cover this claim only if the vehicle has not been driven after the error of misfueling. A driver can do his research work by reading different car insurance comparison sites and come out with one company that covers all his requirements.

You can research on various car insurance comparison sites for a best comprehensive insurance policy that covers incidents of misfueling your vehicle but make sure you do not keep on driving your vehicle on wrong fuel as this would lead to very expensive damage repairs.

Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.