Cheap car insurance tips for young drivers

UK car insurance companies are currently witnessing an increasing number of student drivers. Even though the premiums for young motorists are very high, the number of student drivers is increasing including those at the University. By the end of last year, about a third of 17 to 24 year old students had a car insurance policy.

However, it is not necessary for the young motorists to buy expensive car insurance products. There are some ways that can help them cut the costs of car insurance policies. The most effective and easy way to get a cheaper policy is price comparison of the policies. Car insurance comparison sites can be used for making this quote comparison. This method works fine with all the age groups of car insurance customers. It is not possible for this competitive industry to offer very high premiums to the younger age group of customers. Intra-industry rivalry and competition can help you in finding a company that can offer a desired level of protection at a cheaper price.

Another important where a young driver can save money on car insurance is while buying a new car. It is important to consider the model and make of the new car you are planning to buy for your teen son or daughter. High performance car models will have high insurance premiums while simple cars that are not modified will be cheaper to insure.

If young drivers get a Pass Plus course for driving, they can easily get a discount on the policy premiums. In addition, keeping the car’s mileage low can also help in getting a cheaper car insurance. There are some other methods used by mature drivers to pull down the cost of car insurance policies. Young motorists can also use these methods. By installing safety devices in the car such as a theft alarm, a young driver can save some more on the car insurance policy.

Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.