Car Theft Crime Effecting Insurance

The car theft crime is rising as drivers usually leave their mobile phone and bags in the car that cause car insurance claim. If the driver making insurance claim due to the theft crime shows his irresponsibility and the insurance company will charged increased premium while renewing the policy. Even if we see car insurance comparison site, the drivers with irresponsible attitude have higher premium charges on car insurance policy.

The police are also issuing advice to the motorists to avoid leaving their car in vulnerable situation, as this will attract the burglars toward the vehicle. The community service officer is of this opinion that the thieves firstly do window-shopping and then target the vehicle for burglary with valuable items on display. If you want to avoid any break in your vehicle then do not put valuable items on display in your vehicle.

Sometime the driver leaves the Satnav’s cradle residue on the windscreen so they suspect that the device has been hidden in the glove box and beneath the seat. The drivers should remove all coats and bags from the back seat to deter the thief. Even by keeping the glove box open and empty, the driver indicates clearly the probable thief that there is nothing valuable in the car.

The crime stoppers suggest the drivers to keep their car in the garage if they are not clearing the displayed items, as if the car is outside the home then also the thief can easily do the burglary beneath your eye. You can also park your car in an approved parking zone whenever out for any shopping or work. By keeping your car safe or removing valuable items from the car, you can avoid any theft and claim.

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