Car Insurance Through Specialist Insurers

The specialist car insurer might attract the car owners but you might end up in an expensive deal. According to a research, the women who take the insurance with women-only brand insurer might pay around 60% higher than the traditional insurer policy premium. The women specialist insurer might seem better alternative for women as they specifically cater the motoring needs of women drivers.

The specialist insurer offers additional benefit to female car insurance owners like female friendly garages. In case of damage or accident, you will feel comfortable to get your car easily repaired by friendly female staff.

The insurers provide a 24-hour roadside emergency helpline, which the female drivers might need in any case of vehicle or personal emergency. You will get the needed help at any time by their helpline whether your car is stuck somewhere or you got some problem with any car part while travelling.

Your handbag will also be covered under the insurance policy from women-only brand insurer. Around 400,000 handbags are stolen from vehicles, which costs around £178 million of money lost. The female drivers must not leave their handbag or any other valuable item in the car as it might attract the thieves for stealing.

The handbag left underneath the seat is the first place, which is checked by the thief so whether you are inrush or hurry never leave your handbag or valuable in the car.

The specialist insurer might be offering you special benefits but you can compare the extra benefit value with the extra money spent on premium of car insurance policy with women only insurer. You can check car insurance quotes at car insurance comparison site where you can get both woman only and traditional insurer quotes.

Just like female drivers, the old drivers also pay huge money while having the insurance from specialist insurer for old drivers. The old drivers might have to pay around 80% of extra money in insurance as compared to traditional ones so it is wise to check the insurance quotes before going for specialist insurer.

Get low cost insurance when you use car insurance comparison sites online to compare insurance quotes.