Car Insurance Premiums Continue To Rise

Unfortunately, the average cost of insuring a car is continuing to rise. According to the Consumer Intelligence Car Insurance Price Index the average cost of insuring a car has gone up by 13.5% in the 12 months to the end of August 2016.

car insurance premiums are, on average, cheaper for motorists living in Scotland than anywhere else in the UK

On average, someone living in Scotland is likely to pay the lowest premium for car insurance in the UK.

That means that the average annual premium paid across the UK was £788 as at the end of the above period. No doubt you, the motorist, will agree that that is a considerable sum of money to have to pay out each year but, nevertheless, it is a legal requirement that, at very least, a car is insured for third party cover unless it is declared SORN and kept off the public highway.

If you look at premiums across the UK, you will see that there is quite a difference being charged by insurers depending upon where the motorist lives. For instance, the cheapest place is in Scotland where the average motor insurance premium is £562 per annum. The most expensive part of the UK as far as car insurance is concerned is in the North West of England with premiums averaging £1,177 per annum. That is more than twice what people in Scotland are paying on average.

The next most expensive area is in London with premiums averaging £1,068 per annum. Those motorists residing in the West Midlands were paying an average of £829 per annum in August 2016. If you lived in the South West of England the average premium was £615 per annum and in Wales £605 per annum. If you reside in the East Midlands the average premium was £740 per annum, in the East of England £661 per annum and in the South East of England £657 per annum.

It is still the young motorist who is paying most for their car insurance. For instance, someone under the age of 25 could expect to pay an average of £1,831 per annum.

People may wish to shop around by using one or more price comparison websites when they are looking for motor insurance as this may provide them with a better opportunity to obtain a competitive car insurance quotation. Using such a site is a simple and quick way of getting a number of quotes and it is often even possible to arrange the cover online or over the telephone from the comfort of your own home.