Car Insurance Owners Facing Rogue Clamping

The motoring cost of insurance owners has further increased due to clamping of vehicle even on private premises. The motor insurance customers are shelling around £55 million from their pocket every year due to the clampers.

The car insurance owners can check car insurance comparison site to combat the rising motoring cost. The insurance premium of cars parked illegally is more as such vehicle is more prone to damage so always park your car wisely.

The clampers push around 500,000 car insurance customers vehicle towards illegal clamping when parked on private land. Each time the clampers clamp the vehicle, the insurance owners need to pay £112 every time to get their car released.

According to the home minister, even the clampers are abusing and extorting the vehicle owners to release their vehicle. The number of motorists being abused by the clampers is increasing so is the problem of vehicle owner, as they have to pay more cash to get back their car. Sometimes, the vehicle owners left stranded that is why the problem must be rectified soon to stop this illegal activity.

The state’s home office new planning will curb the private clampers by new legislation, which will come into action next year in first few months. According to the new legislation, the clamping of cars on private land will become illegal. This legislation will benefit the car owners whose vehicle is parked on private land. Police and local authorities can still clamp the vehicles parked illegally.

The car owners should park their car carefully as if parked in no parking zone, the authorities can tow away their car. If parked on own land there will be no fear of getting your vehicle clamped.

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