Car Insurance Industry Celebrates the Decline in Uninsured Cars

With car insurance premiums soaring high, it is shocking to see the new research claiming the number of uninsured car drivers on the roads of UK. The data reveals that there is a considerable reduction by as much as 20% as compared with the data from the previous four years. Celebrated by the people working for the auto insurance industry and the car insurance comparison sites, this report shows a steady decline in the numbers of improper car insurance by 300,000 units between the years of 2005 to 2009.

As per the car insurance giant, which conducted the research, there were close to 1.8 million cars and motorists without valid and proper car insurance on the roads of UK. This number shrunk to 1.5 million in the year presiding the current year, thus, supporting the fact that more motorists have switched over to car insurance comparison sites for getting a genuinely low insurance for their vehicles.

The research perused every year to keep a track of the uninsured car drivers, also reveals that uninsured cars have been in the making of increasing number of motor accidents in UK. More than 160 people were killed in accidents, which included cars without an insurance cover throughout the country. One of the leading contributors to the increasing insurance premiums was these uninsured cars, as they brought about surplus costs close to €500 million levied onto the insurance companies. Along with this, an additional value of €30 was imposed even on the honest insurance paying Britons.

The previous researches show that most of the uninsured car drivers came from Birmingham, Saltley, Small Heath, and Bordesley. The status of the uninsured cars comes from the fact that insurance companies have developed stringent rules against insurance claims. Any claim, which hints at a misguided information, or unauthorised claims allows the insurance provider to decline the claims and lift the insurance cover off their cars.

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