Car insurance has become need of the hour

Drivers who choose to leave their vehicles for defrosting while they return to their warm homes are prone to become victims of the frost-jackers. These drivers should make a note of the fact that they will not get the insurance claims is the car is stolen in these conditions. Around 41% of these drivers in UK leave their vehicles with engines on so that it can get de-iced but they should know that at this time, their vehicle is at a greater risk of getting stolen.

For one out of 10 drivers, it really does not occur that someone might steal their car for these reason while half of them think that they can keep an eye on their car from their homes too. Around 16% of the drivers also say that they are aware of the fact that their car is prone to be stolen in such conditions but they still do it anyways. also warns these drivers that car insurers are not likely to show sympathy to them if they leave their vehicles outside unattended. Drivers are also running in the risk of breaching anti pollution laws that leads to instant fine for leaving their vehicles idling for unacceptable time period. On the contrary, half of the drivers accept to set off to their work without de-icing their vehicles. These drivers put not only their vehicles at risk by doing so but also attract a fine of £1,000for driving with such an impaired visibility.

Icy whether is an apt weather for the thieves to target the unattended vehicles. So make sure that you are very careful if you do not want to bear losses because of car thefts. Buy a comprehensive car insurance cover and stay relaxed. You can try car insurance comparison sites for finding the finest policies that suit your vehicle’s needs.

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