Car Insurance Fraud Sees Two Jailed

Two men aged 27 and 24 have been sentenced to a total of over 12 years for conspiracy to defraud.

Cra insurance fraud results in increased car insurance premiums for policyholdersMasi Naqshbandi, 27, from Notting Hill, received a sentence of seven years and three months at Croydon Crown Court last Friday 3rd August. Having initially denied the charge he was subsequently found guilty in July following a lengthy trial lasting 5 weeks.

His partner in crime Sabaoon Hillaman, 24, who comes from Greenford, received a sentence of four years and 10 months for the identical charge that he had already pleaded guilty to.

The investigation lasted almost five years and was code named Operation Saisir, It investigated the activities of a very organised criminal gang operating under the shadow of an accident management company called ‘Real Accident Help Line’ that was legitimate.

An extremely sophisticated fraud scheme was undertaken by the gang who staged and organised in excess of 250 collisions on the road. As a result the gang submitted numerous fraudulent storage, car hire, personal injury and damage claims routing them all through the company “Real Accident Help Line”

Detective Constable Anthony Recchia who works for the Metropolitan Police Force’s traffic crime team commented following the hearing: “These sentences should send a clear message to anyone involved in insurance fraud that the MPS will be robust in tackling this type of crime, and anyone convicted could face similar lengthy periods of imprisonment.

“Insurance fraud is often seen as a victimless crime, but the reality is that anyone who holds a motor insurance policy is paying around an extra £50 on their policies because of such fraudsters. It is hoped that the sentences imposed by the court will act as a clear deterrent to others considering committing similar offences.”

This is another indication of how honest policy holder’s car insurance premiums are being impacted on. As the police officer commented, let’s hope that these sentences do act as a deterrent to others.