Car insurance firm warns drivers of break-in risks

The car insurance customers tend to leave their valuables in the car at times. The thieves have their eye on the car and this can lead to thefts. The drivers in Britain have become careless and are not conscious about the security of their cars. The car insurance providers take this thing in consideration while deciding the car insurance quotes. An insurance company has found out that almost 73% of the car owners have the habit of leaving valuables in the car like mp3 players and handbags. The thieves can easily see them and this makes the vehicles an easy target.

When the research was done a year back, almost 71% of the people confessed that they left items in the car that were visible to the thieves. Not all the people are worried about thefts when they leave their valuables. According to the research, 76%of the people who drove cars said that they don’t always worry about what they have left in their car. They do not always worry about a case of break in. in the year 2008 the number for the same was much higher. Over 80% of the people said the same thing.

The car insurance policy has to cover these costs and they are included in the car insurance premium. It is advised that the people should look for the free car insurance quotes that include all these expenses. But you should also know that if your car suffers from such an incident, you may have to pay a bigger amount as your car insurance premium will increase. This trend is the cause of worry for the insurance companies and they have warned the car owners to be safe and alert and not do such a thing.

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