Car Insurance Depends on the Car Use among Other Factors

Most of the car insurance comparison sites would not tell you as to what all factors your insurance depends on. For instance, you may have incurred an injury or be a victim of road rage without your insured car in the immediate scene. Under such a scenario, the insurance company does not oblige to pay out for the personal injuries that you have incurred. Similarly, you should understand that the involvement of your car as a major element in the incident is vital for you to make a claim on the insurance policy of your car. If the car has been referred in terms with the incident as a casual connection, your insurance company has every right to turn down your insurance claim.


Similarly, if you have been using your car for business reasons but you have taken a personal insurance cover, you are not eligible for insurance claim for anything that happens during the business trip. Under such circumstances, you would need more than just proof to convince your insurance company that you have not been using your car for business purposes. This is the reason why insurance companies charge more insurance for people whose professions require constant travelling. It should be understood that professions such as that of journalist and the likes call for untimely driving which increases the risks by folds for the safety of the car. If you are a person working in a profession that requires night driving, brace yourself for a higher premium.

With situations such as these, it is better to be honest about your profession, address, or car use rather than lying about it. If you end up in an accident, it is possible that your insurance company could deny when they find out the true nature of your claims. Insurance premiums vary among groups- a practice which is universal. You would be in a safer situation if you have been truthful to your company.

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