Car insurance customers finding ways to reduce motoring cost

Majority of the car owners are now less using their car to reduce the rising motoring cost. Around 48% of the car owners are cutting their trips so as to control the increasing motoring cost. The rural drivers are found to be more conscious of cutting back their journeys as compared with their urban counterparts so as to lower the fuel usage as well as avoid any accident that in turn influences car insurance premium. The car owners are searching reasonable insurance deal at car insurance comparison site that suits their budget.

Around 40% of the rural drivers are reluctant to use their car for short trips as compared to around 32% of the urban drivers. The same way while going on long trips around 23% of urban drivers are reluctant to take their car while the percentage rises with rural drivers and counts 34%.

While putting their efforts to reduce usage of their personal car most of them find it difficult. The people are even trying to avoid their basic tasks by car like family visits and taking children to after school activities. Around 69% of the urban drivers and 86% of the rural drivers admitted their inconvienence while relucting the usage of their personal car. Around two third of the rural drivers are using their car just for reaching their work station and avoid any other journey.

Irrespective of cutting trips the motorists still reckoned the road conditions in UK which are continuously deteriorating in last 12 months. The worse road conditions make it difficult for the car owners to drive safely further deterring them from driving their own car. Around 84% of the car owners believe that the government should concentrate on road improvements project rather than going for big and expensive schemes.

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