Car insurance customers being charged for making alterations in their personal details in the policy

Car insurance comparison sites ask various details about the customers such as their age, marital status, gender, occupation, address or car models. All these information are necessary to calculate the monthly insurance premiums for your vehicle. Motorists may like to have some information changed after they have purchased the policy.

According to a new research by a leading car insurance comparison website, a number of customers who want to make some minor alterations in their details for the car insurance policies are being made to pay. Charging the customers for some minor changes they want to make to their car insurance policies is however not a justified practice. Many car insurance companies are charging the customers for simple changes such as the marital status.

It is now time that the car insurance companies offer transparent charges and fair practices to the customers. The customers should be treated fairly. The administrative charges must be proportionate and disclosed with full information in the policy document. Even if an insurance company charging a lower amount for the administrative costs, it is still not a fair practice. If a customer is being charged unnecessarily, it is obviously not fair. In addition, charges for altering their personal information go overboard.

The research conducted showed that about seven out of ten car insurance companies ask some form of payment from the customers if they want to make changes in the personal information in their policies. The figures are alarming. There is a need for some change in this practice.

Car insurance customers can save a lot of money by switching to some other insurer for getting their vehicles covered. In this competitive industry, car insurance companies must not and cannot afford to charge hidden extra amounts. By comparing quotes on the motor insurance comparison websites, you can find the best deals for your vehicle.

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