Car insurance comparisons for young drivers made easy

According to a recent survey conducted by Swinton, young drivers are not really ready for getting behind the wheels alone even after passing the driving tests. These young drivers are prone to risks of driving in UK, so it is important for the parents to help their kids to learn driving properly and boost their confidence so that they can keep unwanted insurance claims at bay.

A recent survey also disclosed that beginners in driving usually have professional lessons for 30 hours but according to driving standards agency, it should atleast be 45 hours along with 22 hours of private lessons too. One of the largest retailers of car insurance, Swinton is persuading parents to equip their children with private lessons of driving apart form professional ones so that they can driver properly and avoid accidents. By doing so, these young drivers will also be exposed to various driving conditions that will cut down the accidents too.

Online survey that was recently conducted by Swinton also showed that around 25% of the teen drivers have absolutely no practice lessons with parents and around 31% has almost less than eight hours in presence of family members before they sat for driving exams. Young drivers are very much exposed to accidents in UK so parents should take charge of teaching driving lessons before giving them their private vehicles to drive.

Apart from being responsible parents to avoid unnecessary claims, you can also look in car insurance comparison sites if you are looking for cheap insurance policies. Avoid burning a hole in your pocket by looking in these comparison sites. The whole shopping experience for your teen car insurance would be fun filled at these sites. Just spend some time doing comparison shopping for car insurance and save loads of money that can be used on other needs of your teen.

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