Car Insurance Claims- What to Do When You Have not Worn a Seat Belt

The first thing that is taught to us even before we start driving is wearing our seat- belts. The laws of all countries emphasise on making use of the seat- belts and the driver is held responsible for all the occupants in his car as well. Even with stringent laws, this law not abided by all.
Car insurance claims undergo a wide array of challenges and doubts when it comes to mishaps that occur if seatbelt was worn throughout. If a person is involved in an accident without his fault and the one who admits not having worn a seatbelt, brings about differences.

It is mandatory to accept responsibility if you have not been wearing your seatbelt and you had suffered some injuries. If the claimant had worn his seatbelt, which thwarted his injuries, the damages inflicted are lessened by as much as 25%. On the contrary, with enough medical proofs, and substantial support that the injuries could have been less had it been for a seatbelt, the damages conflicted can be brought close to 15- 20%.

The next step will be to go for a detailed report of your injuries, upon receipt of which, you will get an idea of how much you can claim. Honesty is the key criteria in claiming your car insurance during unlikely conditions. Make sure that you talk about every detail about the intensity of your losses and the extent of your mistakes. This will help you in getting the best help possible from your insurance company. Follow the protocol generated by your insurance company. This will help you in keeping your claim stick to the procedure- remember a straight- forward and honest case will settle down quickly.

Even in a non- fault case, your insurance company will be helpful in guiding you throughout the process. Car insurance comparison sites offer great help to understand the process of claiming car insurance.

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