Car Insurance Certificates Turn to Online Mode

A car insurance certificate is a legal document from the insurer stating that the vehicle is insured. Previously only sent through posts in paper formats, these legal certificates finally have attained the clearance to be accessed through online mode. The earlier version of the insurance certificates was helpful in deterring fraudulent cases. The accomplishment is considered as one among the monumental events in the car insurance history, finally allowing UK motorists to complete the car insurance related formalities, all through online.

The car insurance certificates will now come with e-mails as attached documents or they can be accessed through car insurance comparison sites. This establishment has come after many years of constant negotiation and will enable UK motorists to get their insurance certificates quicker than before.

The BIBA or British Insurance Brokers’ Association has welcomed this move claiming it to environment friendly saving trees and paper. An executive speaking on behalf of the association has responded with great enthusiasm above this new legislative move. The online mode of attaining the certificates had been doing rounds in the legislation for a period of five years. This service will help boost a speedier and efficient delivery for UK customers while also being a smart way to conserve environment.

The change was brought about in the acts of Road Traffic 1988 and the Motor Vehicle Regulations act of 1972 in the UK legislation. Car insurance comparison sites and companies are inclined to send the car insurance certificates through emails or allow the car insurance holders to access their certificates on secured websites for which passwords will be allocated to each of them. Although, the change seems to a better option for all UK motorists, they can still stick with the conventional paper format certificates if they find it feasible.

Car insurance companies will need some time to put this legislative change into effect, nonetheless, this step will be helpful in ruling out some of the problems associated with the paper format certificates such as delivery delays.

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