Can A Mature Driver Take Out Telematics Cover?

Telematics car insurance that is also known as “black box” motor insurance has not been around for many years. It originally appealed more to the younger motorist who was faced with very high premiums with the benefit that such cover was often cheaper to arrange than the more conventional type of car insurance.

However, especially with the increase in premiums seen across many age groups in the last couple of years, the older motorist has been keen to contain or reduce the cost of insuring their car. So, this has encouraged many other drivers in a variety of age groups to take a look at telematics car insurance.

This type of cover involves having a small box fitted on or close to the dashboard of your car. The device picks up such information as where you are driving your car, the time of day or night you are at the wheel of your car, what speed you are travelling at, how many miles you travel in the car and other things like how you brake. All these things and a number of others are used by the insurance company to calculate how much they are going to charge you for insuring your vehicle. The cost of the cover is reviewed periodically.

So, it is not just young motorists who have been able to lower the cost of insuring their vehicles – the older driver has also been able to do the same on numerous occasions.

The number of insurance companies offering telematics car insurance has grown in recent years with a number of the major motor insurance providers now doing so. So, why not consider obtaining a no-obligation quotation for black box cover and compare it with the cost of the normal type of car insurance you have had in place for many years. After all, other than your time, it will cost you nothing to obtain a comparison quote to establish if you can save any money.