Buy Accident Forgiveness to Control the Rising Premium Charges

If you have met with an accident and fearing the hike in the car insurance policy then save yourself by adding accident forgiveness clause in your policy. With accident forgiveness, your car insurance premium charges remain same.

The accident forgiveness coverage is the added provision in the car insurance policy by the help of which you can easily process your first at-fault accident claim with your insurance company without any hike in the premium. The accident forgiveness is an added future so increase the premium costs also.

This is actually a big saving for the motorists as most of the times post accident the drivers see around 40% of rise in their annual auto insurance rates. But in case you have a tight budget then weigh carefully that whether it is good to save on claim in future or to take the advantage of low auto insurance rates right now. You can talk with your insurer and compare car insurance quotes on car insurance comparison site online to check the best accident forgiveness coverage provided by the insurance company.

However, before buying check whether you need this added coverage or not. If you are a parent of teenage driver and added your kid in your auto insurance policy then it is wise to have accident forgiveness coverage also. The teens are the most dangerous drivers on road and it is expected to find them in any of the accident situation now or after sometime.

The premium cost already increases for the parents after they add their teenager ward in their policy so even if the ward gets involved in any minor accident then the premium charges does not increase further. This means the increased premium charges also include the built in accident forgiveness coverage to the parent.

If you are a spotty driver and get involved in accident easily then accident forgiveness coverage might seem great to you but many drivers are ineligible to get it due to the same reason. The insurance companies need clean driving record without any accidents and tickets for atleast five years to give a driver accident forgiveness coverage.

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