Brits Stand Up for the Teen Drivers against GDL- Tough Week for Insurance Sector

In a twist around the fate, it is seen that most of the UK citizens believe that the young and teen drivers should not be barred from driving during the night times. The recent launch Graduate Driver Licensing or GDL in Britain has been welcomed with a mixed reproach and kudos. In a poll conducted by, it is seen that a high number of the Brits believe that young drivers need not require the program as a part of their learning period. As per the GDL, teen drivers could no longer drive during the night hours without the supervision of an experienced personnel. Although, the program has strict aims of cutting down the accident rates, it seems that Brits are very clear as to what they want.

More than half of the poll stats, i.e. 56% believe that the younger drivers should not be barred from driving during the nighttimes. Another 26% of the population showed that teenagers are in need of driving experience while another 30 percent believe that enforcing the law would be a strict impossibility. Furthermore, the research also showed that 11% of the population in UK believes that banning young drivers during night could indeed reduce the number of road deaths. On the contrary, a prominent 30% of the population believes young drivers could only get the required driving experience at the night driving.


As per the car insurance comparison sites, the GDL program could bring forth a better response within the insurance industry but it looks like the Brits have been questioning the validity of the program with respect to the teen drivers. Although, it was predicted that enforcing this system would be a hectic task, the surprise came out with Britons actually showing resistance against the cause. It should be understood that although not all teen drivers are reckless, the chances of them each ending up with mishaps without proper training is something no one can elude. Furthermore, most of the drivers in UK are against the idea of age determining the insurance rates particularly for the male drivers.

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