Brits Skipping Insurance Rise, Report from a Leading Insurance Giant

A recent report from one among the leading car insurance comparison sites in Britain shows that about one in every six Britons have been driving on the UK roads without a valid insurance cover. The online comparison website, Moneysupermarket has been able to find out the exact number of drivers running without a genuine car protection while they also have been clearly admitting to the same. It is surprisingly an interesting thing to see that about 4% of the UK citizens understand that they are taking law in their hands when they drive their vehicles without even the slightest trace of an insurance cover. Likewise, about 2% of the poll respondents have admitted to the fact that they do not know that having an insurance cover comes under the UK law. For so long, they have been leaving out their insurance cover under the potential veil of ignorance.

The poll also showed that close to eight percent of the UK drivers admit that they have not been able to find relevant time to buy an insurance policy or for renewing their existing insurance cover. Some of the people, the worst of the lot, believe that they will never be involved in an accident which bars them from any need of an insurance cover for their cars. The head at the leading car insurance comparison sites comments on the findings that people driving without insurance cover need to be tackled by the state law. It should be understood that uninsured drivers do not only endanger themselves, they also pose a severe threat to the genuine drivers who have taken insurance covers. When such people are involved in accidents, the honest drivers have to pay additional costs because the former do not own an insurance cover from which they should otherwise payout to the accident victims.

The government has been burning midnight’s lamp to solve the issue before it goes too large. A conviction for driving without insurance includes a liability of six penalty points while it also levies a heavy insurance premium for the offenders. Such people could also be stripped of their license.

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