Brake problems leading to increased car insurance claims in UK

Motor giant company Toyota had to undergo embarrassment due to 8500 cars claims witnessed due to brake problems. It is considered to the latest blow on the reputation of this company as there have been 7 million such recalls on a global level including around 180,000 in UK alone due to accelerator problems. The petro electric Prius is considered to be leading green cars with low emissions. It makes more than one third of UK government 240 vehicles dispatch vehicle pool.

No government vehicle is a part of this UK recall that involves 3rd generation Priuse made during last summer. Toyota claimed this problem to be that of inconsistent feel of brake at the time of steady and slow braking on bumpy roads. A taxi driver claimed that he was not worried of model recall. He exclaimed that he is not worried of the vehicle safety as he had used the vehicle a lot. Toyota guarantees that all the clients will be addressed so that no person drives the vehicle without car insurance.

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