Boy racers to pay higher car insurance premiums

Swindon, Sheffield and Scotland are a hub to postcodes with most of the speeding convictions taking place. According to the research by financial analysts, boy racers, indulging in rash driving have to face the consequences of high insurance costs while getting their vehicle insured. A survey Money Supermarket revealed that around half of the speeding convictions caused in Scotland are done by young males from 17 to 21 years old and these demographics are said to pay highest of prices while covering their vehicles.

After researching around 3 million car insurance quotes for around a year involving drivers that faced driving convictions, Money Supermarket found that 52% of these speeding convictions took place in Swindon and around 30%in Sheffield possessed by males that are of the age from 31 to 40 years. Females were not in the scene when the comparison site was undertaking survey, so it is reflected in their car insurance premiums when compared to males.

The head of Money Supermarket said that convicted drivers can see their insurance quotes getting doubled. He further elaborated saying that these drivers eventually find very less insurance services providers who are ready to cover their vehicles. These boy racers, in order to find cheaper car insurance policies should not only control their speeding conviction but also indulge in comparison shopping.

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