Big Fine For Uninsured Drivers

According to a research, the British motorists want an increase of fine amount for uninsured drivers from 300 to 350%. The proposal of decrease in fine has been proved unpopular among the disgruntled motorists as the law abiding honest motorists are paying the share of uninsured drivers in their insurance premium and it is rising with time.

Around 34% of the drivers want the uninsured motorists to retake their driving test so that they know the need and importance of having the insurance coverage for their vehicle. Even 28% of the drivers prefer to ban the uninsured drivers from driving as they pose as a threat on UK roads.

Majority of the accidents on the British roads happen due to uninsured drivers and the insured drivers have to pay for it; that is why the insured drivers prefer driving ban for uninsured drivers.

The motorists demand strong support from the authorities against the continuously rising premium cost to cover the uninsured drivers cost. Even 77% of the drivers are in favour of an uninsured driver hotline where anybody can tip the officials about the uninsured drivers known by them.

According to a research, the uninsured drivers have strong gender and age bias, as the most of the male drivers prefer to remain uninsured and as far as age is concerned, the young drivers drive uninsured. The rising cost of insurance for young drivers forces the drivers to remain uninsured.

The rise in uninsured driver fine might bring fear in the mind of the uninsured drivers and instead of saving on car insurance premium the drivers will prefer to be insured. The rise in car insurance owners will automatically decrease the car insurance premium with time.

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