Beat soaring car insurance premiums

If you have been looking for ways to cut down on your car insurance premiums, there is no better place than a car insurance supermarket. A plethora of dealers with the best of policies, cater to your car insurance needs without straining your budget. Comparison-shopping has become even more important with the car insurance premiums rising by the day. The annual rise in the premiums is 26.1%, as per the figures revealed by National statistics.

Cost of the car cover increased by around 6.3% in the month of April alone, adding to the whopping amount of 0.1% to the yearly inflation rate. According to British Insurers association, spiralling legal cost are the main reason for premium hike. Government figures disclose that for the personal injury claims under £10,000, one every £1 that is paid for compensation, further adds 76p to the legal costs. For smaller insurance claims, tyranny of the legal fees is worse.

You can now avoid spending too much on the car insurance by checking out car insurance supermarket. There is a range of dealers who cater to diversified car insurance needs without bothering you. They will evaluate all your car coverage limits and offer insurance policy that not lets you drive legally but also save money. The best part is that you do not have to exert yourself for availing quotes from different car insurance companies, as they are all available at your fingertips at car insurance supermarket.

So all you have to do is log on to a car insurance supermarket and find the car insurance policy of your choice. You can also get tailor made policies easily now. So whether you are a teen driver or older driver, do not be worried about increasing premiums and check out car insurance supermarket right away to save your time as well as money.

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