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With winters round the corner, drivers in UK are warned of the dangers related to low lying sun in winters that could affect their vision while driving their cars. According to Swinton, the leading retailer of car insurance in UK, car insurance premiums have witnessed a hike of around 10% from last December that is believed to be accidents that are caused due to bad vision because of winter glare. This company is persuading drivers to have a pair of sunglasses in glove compartment to keep accidents and potential car insurance claims due to winter sun at bay.

Insurance development manager at Swinton stated that drivers are often warned of the dangers related to driving ice, snow and strong winds but the low lying sun of winters is overlooked. Spare pair of sunglasses is a must for getting away from the dangers of winter glare. There are certain tips that are given by this company for avoiding the dangers of winter glare. The drivers should keep to main road as they are usually gritted. Slow driving and taking appropriate assistance can help in avoiding accidents in winter time.

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