Background checks in car insurance policies supported by drivers in UK

With one third of total UK drivers backing the car insurance companies to take a strict action against dishonest drivers, Post Office is also reminding the drivers in UK of the risks of providing wrong details while buying car insurance. Drivers who do conceal their driving offences such as using phones while driving or speeding, at the risk of getting their car insurance claims rejected. A lot of car insurance companies do not pay the claim money if they find out that the information provided by drivers was wrong on the insurance papers.

Association of the British Insurers study of the 2000 drivers found that around 72% of the UK drivers would support the changes of information that is available to the car insurance companies during the applications for new car insurance policies like checking the driving licenses for the related driving convictions.

These drivers are supporting the car insurance companies because of higher premiums they have to pay due to car insurance frauds. Due to dishonesty showed by some drivers t the time of buying car insurance, has lead to increasing number of fraudulent car insurance claims. Witnessing higher fraudulent claim figures, car insurers have increased the price of car insurance premiums. And honest drivers also have to pay for what dishonest drivers are doing. So this is an effort from the honest driver’s side to get away from higher premiums.

Financial crunch is one of the reasons for dishonesty among drivers. Most of these drivers have become a part of car insurance frauds to save money on car insurance. These drivers should understand that if once caught, they can invite points on their license, car insurance invalidation and punishments too. One can check car insurance comparisons sites to save money on insurance policy than wasting time planning car insurance frauds. The plethora of dealers offer tailor made policy under one roof on these sites.

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